Why Work With Us?

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Why work with First Choice Home Buyers LLC?

• Name the situation (foreclosure, short sale, probate, inherited property, etc.) we have a solution for you.
• We never charge a commission, a fee or any $$$ that comes out of YOUR pocket.
• No obligation for a consultation.
• We can close REALLY FAST or on your timeline.
• We will look at your situation; we will give an honest assessment of your house.
• We will provide you with one or more options.

We are investors and like any other business we strive to make a modest profit. You may have heard that investors are out to take advantage of your situation. We are in it for the long haul and we want to maintain a record of satisfied customers who believe they have been treated fairly and received a fair price for their property.

Tens of thousands of homeowners are helped every year by the nationwide group of investors like First Choice Home Buyers LLC. Some may bad mouth real estate investors because we can do what they can’t. We Help. We have solutions. We execute without delay.

Pick up the phone and call us today at 508-762-1765 .  Give us an opportunity to help you!


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