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4 Reasons MA Real Estate Investments are Worth a Look!

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 5, 2015

real estate investments

Good investors tend to be cautious souls. For those who prior to 2007 had never ventured into the realm of Framingham real estate investments, the ensuing downturn might have been enough to discourage any curiosity about that direction (even if their other investments had also suffered during the global financial crisis). Nonetheless, at this juncture […]

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What About Renting Your Metro West Boston Home?

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 19, 2015

You are a Metro West homeowner, but now your family has simply outgrown the place. You’re almost ready to start hunting for a new home—but hesitate. The fact is, you’re reluctant to give up your present property. It’s been a terrific home, and you suspect it’s only going to grow in value… If your financial […]

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Practical Issues When a Second Home Beckons

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 16, 2015

People approach the whole idea of owning a second home from a hundred different perspectives simply because a second home can answer so many different purposes. If you are a Massachusetts homeowner at the stage in life where making retirement plans is becoming a more immediate imperative, you might want to buy a second home […]

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Year-End Review Shows Institutions Exiting Investment Picture

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 9, 2015

At 2014’s year end, it’s as good a time as ever to look back over the real estate investment landscape to see if any new trends or directions may have become apparent. It does look as if one development in the country as a whole may cause ripples that could affect Massachusetts real estate investment […]

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Housing Regulations Guide Hunt for Good MA Tenants

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 8, 2015

Every landlord has had the feeling at one time or another that a prospective Boston tenant may not be a good choice. Call it a hunch, or intuition—but something tells you that this tenant may be trouble down the road. There is more than enough riding on the decision to make you want to pay […]

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MA Rental Investment also has Rent-to-Own Possibilities

Posted by Tom Zicko // December 17, 2014

Suppose your Realtor® helped you land a prime Metro West rental investment property—and you’ve been more than content with the result. Your longtime tenant proved to be conscientious and dependable, with resulting passive income that has been quietly building your bank account with very little oversight from you. In short, your Massachusetts rental investment has […]

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Investment Properties’ Unique Advantages

Posted by Tom Zicko // November 13, 2014

It’s the perpetual ebb and flow. Sometimes the popularity of investment properties in Boston begins to rise, sending them toward the head of the pack against rival investment ideas. A Boston investment property’s basic allure has always been its unique attribute as the most “real” of real goods (investment property is pretty close to the […]

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Informed MA Tenants Make the Best MA Tenants

Posted by Tom Zicko // November 5, 2014

You’re about to close a deal to become a tenant in Boston. The landlord seems like a straight shooter and the place is a joy: immaculate and welcoming. Now all that’s left is to wait for the landlord’s okay after an evaluation of you as the new Massachusetts tenant, right? Well, not quite. Just as […]

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Simple Steps for Avoiding Rental Property Hassles

Posted by Tom Zicko // October 6, 2014

If you find your Boston rental property without a tenant this October, it may not take long before you’re tempted to take the first applicant who shows up. Sometimes it doesn’t take much longer to remember why that can be a costly mistake! Hastily selected tenants can transform your Massachusetts rental property from a dependable […]

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