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Selling Your House Means Raising its Emotional IQ

Posted by Tom Zicko // March 17, 2015

When it comes to selling your Metro West house, the first attributes on the listing that will bring in prospective buyers will be found in your listing description: size, location, and all the details that either match prospects’ wish lists (or don’t). Price is in there, too.  You are not just selling your house, you […]

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Posted by Tom Zicko // March 10, 2015


We are one of the premier companies who buys houses in Boston and all over Eastern and Central Massachusetts. We buy them with Ca$h and in any condition. We are real estate investors who are able to assist homeowners and other property owners in a wide variety of situations.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know: When to Publish MA Listings

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 27, 2015

Buy a house in Massachusetts with mobile apps

Earlier this week we talked about evaluating the online marketing savvy of your realtor because we know that 90% of those who actually do buy a home go to the web during their search per researchers at the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).  So it is a good bet that the first place the public […]

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Creative Kitchen Spruce-Ups Boost MA Home Marketability

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 24, 2015

Just as the kitchen is a magnet for family activity, when a Boston home goes up for sale, it’s the one room guaranteed to get rapt attention at every showing. Older Metro Boston homes can be at something of a disadvantage here, especially when structural design elements prohibit their being transformed into one of today’s […]

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Guidelines for Selling an MA House this Winter

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 10, 2015

boston buried in snow

This winter’s succession of storms seem to conspire to make our lives miserable even for folks who live for our Metro West Boston winters. While the rest of us moan at the sight of yet more “plowable” show, they find the brisk air a tonic; longer night times are invitations to enjoy the warmth and […]

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Seeing Metro West Showings the Way Prospective Buyers Do

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 29, 2015

Buy A House and start unpacking

Getting properties ready for open houses or other showings in Boston, Natick or any Metro West town takes a bit of determination—especially when it comes to paring down all the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated through the years. It’s a push-pull between I still use that every day! and this room still looks too crowded! You […]

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A Boston Short Sale Can be Anything but a Shortcut!

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 26, 2015

The term “short sale” has been misleading people for decades. Despite the name, it’s a term applied to transactions that often involve a lengthier-than-usual sale process. A Massachusetts “short sale” is named for the financial aspect of a sale rather than the length of time it requires. It’s anything but a shortcut. The ‘short’ in […]

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Giving Your MA House the Full Gourmet Treatment

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 20, 2015

“A kitchen can sell a house” is a proposition that often proves true—well-designed kitchens can drive value. Given the popularity of cooking shows, artisanal cuisine, and the growing number of new gizmos and gadgets concocted for the advancement of culinary hobbyists, selling a house in Boston area can turn on its gastronomical appeal—at least to […]

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MA Home Sales Needn’t be Stalled until Springtime

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 14, 2015

Past history tells us that home sales in Boston perk up come springtime, just as the advent of colder weather brings a slowdown in Eastern Massachusetts home sales. But what if your own family and professional situations dictate that now is the time to list your own Massachusetts home? What if the weather curve balls […]

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Boston Homes for Sale Use Staging to Set the Mood

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 7, 2015

When you think about the importance of staging when a Massachusetts home goes on the market, you might relate it to how department stores go about increasing sales during the holidays. You only had to stroll through the front door of any of the legendary department stores in the last six weeks to experience what […]

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