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Boston Homes for Sale Use Staging to Set the Mood

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 7, 2015

When you think about the importance of staging when a Massachusetts home goes on the market, you might relate it to how department stores go about increasing sales during the holidays. You only had to stroll through the front door of any of the legendary department stores in the last six weeks to experience what […]

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To What Decade does Your MA Home’s Décor Belong?

Posted by Tom Zicko // December 25, 2014

First of all, a Spoiler Alert: It’s not fair to peek down where the answers are! Now that we’re clear on that, this is a quiz that will tell you how “Decade Sensitive” you are when it comes to Metro West home décor. It took a little browsing around to put this together, but it […]

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Your Boston Empty Nest is a Void…Until You Fill It!

Posted by Tom Zicko // November 19, 2014

You’ve watched as your little ones grew from stumbling toddlers into young adulthood… and now out into the world on their own. It’s been a slow transition—but it’s also sped past in the blink of an eye! The bumpy economy may yet prompt some extended Metro West home stays in the future, but for now, […]

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Autumn Advantage: Rich Décor Ideas for Boston Homes for Sale

Posted by Tom Zicko // October 20, 2014

Having a Boston home for sale as autumn swings into full bloom has more than one advantage. First off, this is definitely not looky-loo season—the majority of home shoppers this time of year tend to be serious-minded (perhaps because many are hoping to be comfortably moved in by the holidays). Whatever the reason, because many […]

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