Steps to buying a house in Massachusetts

Posted by Tom Zicko // March 24, 2015

Couple Calculating Budget to buy a house

Now that spring is in the air and the home buying season is kicking off it’s time to review your steps to buying a house in Massachusetts.   It is easy to walk into a home and fall in love, it is harder to think about your future home as a financial transaction. Compared to the […]

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Boston MA Real Estate Sees Mortgage Turnaround

Posted by Tom Zicko // March 20, 2015

Boston MA real estate

Today marks the first day of the Boston MA real estate spring market.  If Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, spring marks the beginning of the home buying season.  Homeowners have dressed their homes to show and prospective buyers are ready to go. Three days from now could bring a second […]

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Will MA Jumbo Loans Trace National Growth Trend?

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 26, 2015

Inside Mortgage Finance is a periodical that precisely lives up to its name: Boston residential real estate professionals can turn to it for the latest word on national trends inside the mortgage industry. Admittedly, this usually makes for pretty dull reading for outsiders (that is, everyone else); but one story in last week’s edition was […]

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Novel Mortgage Concept Aims to Build Equity Faster

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 9, 2015

Wealth Building Home Loan increases equity faster

Imagine a mortgage that is affordable, builds equity in a home much faster and is a 15 Year long  rather than a 30 year will-it -ever-end commitment.  This is not science fiction but the results of a new way of approaching the financing of home purchases. If successful, it might well shift the way some Boston […]

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The Not-So-Secret FICO Formula behind MA Home Loans

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 27, 2015

When anyone is in the early stages of finding a Metro West house to buy, unless they are planning to pay for it with cash, a large part of what eventually happens will be determined by the home loan they secure. Both the size of the home loan and its interest rate are negotiable, but […]

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To HEL and Back: When, When Not to Tap MA Home Equity

Posted by Tom Zicko // January 6, 2015

Your home is your castle, sure—but it’s also a great deal more than that. In addition to being the place where you relax after work, spend time with family, and generally live your life, it’s also the most substantial investment most people ever make. Much of its prominence is due to the many advantages homeownership […]

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7 Tips for Speeding Up Your First MA House Purchase

Posted by Tom Zicko // December 16, 2014

For Boston renters who are beginning to investigate the possibility of buying a first MA house, the prospect can look like more than just a steep hill to climb—it can look more like a cliff! Just last month, the Daily Real Estate News cited recent research that indicates in most places (512 counties surveyed, in […]

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MA Applicants Can Head Off Credit Report Roadblocks

Posted by Tom Zicko // December 3, 2014

For anyone who has looked into to buying a Metro West home several times—but kept getting discouraged every time because of a negative credit report—read on! You probably already know that you are not alone—but so what?—it’s small consolation, especially when you consider how much financial ground you lose every year you continue to pay […]

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Low Credit Score? Your First Home May Still be Within Reach

Posted by Tom Zicko // October 21, 2014

Buying a Metrowest Boston home—especially if it’s your first—takes attention to detail, even for home buyers with spotless credit. The challenge is a good deal greater if your credit score has dropped below the level most banks require to approve a home loan. The good news is that potential Boston home buyers with less than […]

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