Steps to buying a house in Massachusetts

Posted by Tom Zicko // March 24, 2015

Couple Calculating Budget to buy a house

Now that spring is in the air and the home buying season is kicking off it’s time to review your steps to buying a house in Massachusetts.   It is easy to walk into a home and fall in love, it is harder to think about your future home as a financial transaction. Compared to the […]

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Selling Your House Means Raising its Emotional IQ

Posted by Tom Zicko // March 17, 2015

When it comes to selling your Metro West house, the first attributes on the listing that will bring in prospective buyers will be found in your listing description: size, location, and all the details that either match prospects’ wish lists (or don’t). Price is in there, too.  You are not just selling your house, you […]

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Senior Housing Meets Demographic Shift

Posted by Tom Zicko // March 16, 2015

As the demand for age-restricted senior housing continues to grow nationwide, it’s certain to influence more than just the new home builders whose bread and butter depends on paying attention to such trends. It’s also likely to influence the character of neighborhoods as a whole The numbers tell a story that’s been written about for […]

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MA Listed Homes Get Organized via New Mobile Apps

Posted by Tom Zicko // March 4, 2015

Most prospective home buyers are aware of the Mobile listing apps such as Realtor, Trulia, Zillow, Homes and a host of others that list properties for sale.  In fact a 2013 National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Google survey found that 68% of people looking to buy a home found themselves using one or another […]

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Buying a House in Boston May Require a Momentum Shift

Posted by Tom Zicko // March 3, 2015

It can feel a little like a trip to the shore in springtime, before the summer sun has warmed the water. The water might be okay—but it also might be bone-chilling! Most Boston residents will choose caution, and stick their toe in, first… Deciding whether to buy a house when you have been renting for […]

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know: When to Publish MA Listings

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 27, 2015

Buy a house in Massachusetts with mobile apps

Earlier this week we talked about evaluating the online marketing savvy of your realtor because we know that 90% of those who actually do buy a home go to the web during their search per researchers at the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).  So it is a good bet that the first place the public […]

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Will MA Jumbo Loans Trace National Growth Trend?

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 26, 2015

Inside Mortgage Finance is a periodical that precisely lives up to its name: Boston residential real estate professionals can turn to it for the latest word on national trends inside the mortgage industry. Admittedly, this usually makes for pretty dull reading for outsiders (that is, everyone else); but one story in last week’s edition was […]

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Today’s Brave New World of MA Real Estate Marketing

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 25, 2015

Sell your house in Massachusetts with online marketing

Boston’s real estate market is hot and stories of multiple offers on many properties.  There are also properties that take longer to sell. What could be the difference? Is it always the property or is it more about potential buyers knowing the property is for sale?  Homeowners who need to sell a house in today’s any […]

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5 Factors Impact Investors’ MA Rental Property Choice

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 23, 2015

People invest in real estate

Just about any investor on the lookout for a promising Boston rental property has a number of assumed criteria in mind—often arrived at without bothering to sit down to list them. Remember, this is already a successful individual, usually with ample business experience—and always with the financial acumen to be able to make a substantial […]

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News Flash! Men, Women House Hunters Differ!

Posted by Tom Zicko // February 19, 2015

Last week, The Wall Street Journal made it official: they had a slow news day. It was February 11 (that was Wednesday) when they ran the feature story, “A Gender Gap in Real Estate.” This was something Metro West Boston house hunters (not to mention those hoping to attract their attention) could certainly appreciate: an […]

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